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Elizabeth Reiner, CPM (Certified Professional Midwife) of Shifrah's Sisters Holistic Birth Services provides classical home birth midwifery care for women, babies and families in Maryland, DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.  Complete prenatal, birth and postpartum care is provided in my client's homes, within about 90 minutes of my home in the Frederick, MD area. I believe birth to be a sacred, family-centered event and provide the midwifery model of care for my beloved clients. I believe peace on earth begins with peaceful birth and strive to offer my clients gentle, respectful and compassionate care.  Good nutrition, exercise, mindfulness and creating a trusting relationship is key to keeping the pregnancy and birth a healthy, safe, and natural process.  I work with all types of pregnant people and families, integrating partners and children into the pregnancy and prenatal and postpartum care.  I am honored to be a midwife and welcome babies into the world with love.


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We are so thankful for the unobtrusive midwifery care we received from Elizabeth.

We had a wonderful home birth and were blessed with a precious baby girl. She handled our newborn ever so gently while examining her. I especially appreciated her quiet and calm nature and that she respected my wishes. Thank you Elizabeth!

—C.W., mother of seven


Elizabeth was my midwife for my first birth and I had an amazing experience. I absolutely loved my birth.

She is very knowledgeable and experienced, therefore, she was able to guide me through my pregnancy very effectively and through delivery even more so. She takes the time to cater to her clients and is always available by text or even call. What makes her standout to me is that she truly cares about each woman's right to have the birth she desires. I personally felt that she was genuinely concerned and committed to my person, my pregnancy and the birth of my daughter.

Since this was my first birth, I was very nervous about having a home-birth but Elizabeth gave me resources such as books and DVDs which helped me be ready mentally and have confidence in myself for the labor and delivery. She also advised me on my food consumption and nutrition to promote ideal physical health for my baby and me. She answered all the questions and concerns I had with her calm, peaceful spirit and warm personality. My husband, my baby and I are so grateful to have found her and we highly recommend her to anyone looking for a knowledgeable certified midwife. We love you Elizabeth.

—Rachel, mother of one


I first met Liz at a Belly Talk meeting a few months before I became pregnant with my second child. We were discussing the "Midwifery Model of Care" and she had been kind enough to attend the meeting and share her knowledge and expertise, as well as answer any questions that might arise.

I was hosting the meeting along with another doula friend of mine and due to the cold weather we did not have many ladies come out. This gave me the opportunity to talk to Liz one on one. My son was a little past a year old and I had a lot of confidence issues as a new mother. I do not remember our exact conversation but I do remember how supportive and kind she was. She made such a good impression on me, that when I found out I was expecting again I asked her to be my midwife. I couldn't have been more pleased with her care. At every meeting she included my very active toddler. She let him listen to the baby's heart beat with the  fetoscope or doppler and even had him help measure my belly. Our meetings were never rushed and after a few of them I felt like a friend was coming over for a visit instead of a prenatal appointment! Each appointment Liz really impressed me with her respectful care of my needs and wishes for this pregnancy and birth. She continued to support me as well as educate and help me in my weak areas such as my diet. I gained 55lbs during my pregnancy and Liz helped me start eating better and cooking healthier for myself and my family. I credit her for my ability to give up soda and lowering my sugar intake.

My baby was born at 40wks 5days. My labor started at 6pm exactly and my surges started at 3min. apart and were very intense. I ignored them thinking that it could go on all night. I was hoping for a quick labor but mentally prepared for a long one and I successfully convinced myself that it was going to be and there was no reason to alert my midwife yet. Thankfully, my husband thought otherwise and called Liz but I still didn't want her to rush over and have to wait so I told him to tell her that things were still early. Well, I had a very quick labor and started pushing about two and a half hours after it started. My husband again had the presence of mind to call Liz back and let her know that things were indeed moving along quickly. Liz was hurrying on her way to our house while she stayed on the phone and coached my husband and me. Because she was calm and professional, my husband was able to stay calm and do what he needed to do, catch our baby! Having him catch our baby was exactly what we had wanted. Liz also talked me through what I needed to do. For example, she could tell by my breathing that I was pushing my baby out with everything I had. She encouraged me to breathe through a few surges and let my baby and body do the work. I did, and I'm convinced that's why I didn't tear this time. Woo Hoo. My daughter was born healthy and happy and Liz arrived seconds later.  She stayed with us for a few hours and took care of my daughter and me. She always made herself available at any time between appointments should I need anything. My daughter is now almost two years old and Liz still checks in on us! I look forward to her calls and the day when I am able to call on her again to be my midwife.

—Meagan, mother of two and doula


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