Shifrah's Sisters

Shifrah's Sisters

Elizabeth Reiner, CPM (Certified Professional Midwife) of Shifrah's Sisters Holistic Birth Services provides classical home birth midwifery care for women, babies and families in Maryland, DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.  Complete prenatal, birth and postpartum care is provided in my client's homes, within about 90 minutes of my home in the Frederick, MD area. I believe birth to be a sacred, family-centered event and provide the midwifery model of care for my beloved clients. I believe peace on earth begins with peaceful birth and strive to offer my clients gentle, respectful and compassionate care.  Good nutrition, exercise, mindfulness and creating a trusting relationship is key to keeping the pregnancy and birth a healthy, safe, and natural process.  I work with all types of pregnant people and families, integrating partners and children into the pregnancy and prenatal and postpartum care.  I am honored to be a midwife and welcome babies into the world with love.


Peace on Earth begins
with peaceful birth.

•     •     •

"I believe in love and in the wisdom of nature;
in holding space in this world for sacred, family-centered,
gentle birth. I trust birth, women and babies. I trust the process and I trust birthing people."
- Elizabeth Reiner, CPM




What does Shifrah's Sisters mean? "Shifrah" comes from the Hebrew root, "the capacity to make something better." Improving birth has been my passion since 2002 and is the energy that I wish to bring to the world and to my home birth midwifery practice. Shifrah and Puah were a mother-daughter team of midwives in the book of Exodus. Their legacy as strong women who listened to their hearts inspires me. I am awed knowing that I am a link in the tradition of midwifery that has been passed from generation to generation. Being part of the continuum of motherhood is a source of strength for me and for my clients. "Sisters" is about the sisterhood of women and birthing people serving and supporting each other, of which I am a part. I have been blessed with two gentle and empowering birth center and home births attended by midwives and I am forever grateful for my experiences. It brings me joy to help other families create their sacred birth journeys that will be treasured forever.

I live in the Frederick, MD area and serve all flavors of families within about 60 miles. Complete prenatal, birth and postpartum care is done in your home to build a trusting relationship throughout your pregnancy. I incorporate mindfulness techniques, nutrition, exercise and other holistic counseling into our hour-long visits and encourage connection with your baby, your partner and any other family members of your choice. Aquadoula birth pools and access to my extensive lending library are available for my clients.

Please contact me to arrange for a complimentary initial phone consultation or to discuss insurance coverage, interest-free medical loans, or questions about home birth or birth options in general.


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